(The Elysium Project Services) Privacy Policy
(don't worry, you are safe!)

Information we gather

In order to better understand our customers, we gather statistical data in two ways:

Google Analytics

In order to track the number of visitors, and the way they reach our site, we use Google Analytics data.

Facebook Audience

We track our visitors with Facebook cookies for re-marketing purposes. Usualy, people who view our site are interested in the services we provide - so you might see our ad while you are browsing through Facebook.

What we don't track

From Google analytics, we can learn about visitor's location (not individually), browser type and the way they reached our site. From Facebook, we are using their advertising options (creating a custom audience) to which we display our ads. Please note that the whole process is managed through Facebook, and we don't have any information whatsoever about you unless you choose to contact us by e-mail, skype or buy buying gold. IP addresses are not tracked.

Don't worry, you are safe!

We beat our chest when it comes to privacy. As stated above, we can only have real data about you, if you choose to contact us directly. Even then, we recognize the importance of your privacy and account security, so you can be fully assured that your details are kept safe.

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