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The packages below reflect the current pricing for the Kronos WoW realm of the Twinstar Vanilla WoW Project.

Update 29th November 2017:
We enabled the sale of gold for Kronos on our website. Available for Alliance & Horde.

100 Gold
€5.88 EUR (about $6.11 USD)

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150 Gold
€8.75 EUR (about $10.4 USD)

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200 Gold
€11.6 EUR (about $13.9 USD)

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300 Gold
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400 Gold
€23.4 EUR (about $27.9 USD)

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500 Gold
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750 Gold
€44.0 EUR (about $52.4 USD)

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1000 Gold
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1500 Gold
€87.5 EUR (about $104 USD)

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2000 Gold
€109 EUR (about $130 USD)

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Kronos Realm Info

Kronos WoW, as it is claimed, it is one of the best scripted Vanilla Classic WoW realms in existence. It was launched 1 month after the once famous Nostalrius Begins.

Kronos WoW - Twinstar Vanilla Classic WoW Even though Kronos was released as a brand new realm in March 2015, it remains as one of the most stable x1 Blizzlike rates Classic Server. We have seen realms like Nostalrius Begins and Elysium come and go, but Kronos still remains under the same ownership.

In the beginning, it didn't manage to get so many players, mainly because Nostalrius took most the Vanilla playerbase due to it's earlier launch. However, as soon as Nostalrius was taken down, all of the Vanilla players jumped on Kronos, and Twinstar was basically forced to open a new realm called Kronos 2.

With the release of Kronos 2, it quickly became the target of attackers, mainly competitor servers trying to sabotage the project in order to get Nostalrius refugees into their own realms. The comeback for Nostalrius under the banners of the Elysium Project, somehow declined the population, and the two realms (Kronos 1 and Kronos 2) were merged into a single one. With the Classic WoW announcement by Blizzard, we see an increase in the population once again. There are around 6000 active players during peak times, making the realm a lovely place to experience Vanilla Classic WoW once again.

Older Kronos WoW News

15th February 2015:
Our main Kronos WoW website was launched.

Additional Kronos Links & Services

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