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Nostalrius Begins was closed on 10th of April.

Update 12th May 2016: Nostalrius Begins was closed by a Blizzard petition on 10th of April 2016. We are sorry to see such good server go. The population migrated to Kronos 1 & 2 WoW, The Rebirth as well as Hellfire (a progressive TBC realm). Our services are continued there.

Available Packages for Nostalrius PvP

Update 11th November 2015: Prices updated. We now have the best pricing on the realm.
87% of our customers receive an additional 20% bonus too, but we can't disclose the details publicly. Make a purchase and see why :-)

50 Gold
$17.95 USD (about €15.8 EUR)

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100 Gold
$34.85 USD (about €30.7 EUR)

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200 Gold
$66.85 USD (about €58.9 EUR)

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Available Packages for Nostalrius PvE

The Nostalrius Begins PvE realm was started in mid October - gold is extremely hard to get by there at the moment, hence the higher pricing for the PvE realm, until things settle down. The 20% bonus is applied to most cases on the PvE Realm too.

50 Gold
$48 USD (about €42.4 EUR)

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100 Gold
$95 USD (about €84 EUR)

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200 Gold
$187 USD (about €165.4 EUR)

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While the gold demand for Nostalrius Begins is still very high, the number of suppliers is almost none. Everyone, including us, needs the valuable in-game currency at the moment, but we are willing to share some of our stockpile for a proper compensation.

Our intention is not to break the Nosta game play - it's an amazing server, that's why we offer only limited packages on our website - to help you get going or buy a mount if obtaining your first 100g at level 40 represents a problem.

Important Note: We do not use bots, multiboxing, exploits or any prohibited ways for leveling or farming, everything is 'hand-made', done through normal means (professions, herbing, mining, grinding) while enjoying the game. There were reports of massive account bans for people buying cheap Nosta gold made with exploits from forums.

If you are a first time buyer, check the how it works page. If you are looking to buy accounts or powerleveling, check this page.

General Answers to Questions - regarding buying Gold, Accounts or Powerleveling for Nostalrius Begins

1. Do i need to wait to receive the gold?

- We are professional sellers, and we will do our best to service you as quickly as possible. We strive to deliver as fast as possible, up to a couple of hours, depending on our availability. Once purchased, we will contact you on your e-mail address to appoint a delivery transfer with you

2. Why is the price so high?

- Sincerely, it is! But so is our stock and the gold demand on the realm. Our gold stock is reserved for few people willing to compensate us properly for landing a hand. As stated, we farm by playing the game like it was intended, not by exploiting. It takes 1-2 days to farm 100g at the moment... and Nostalrius is real Blizzlike x1 Vanilla WoW! Kronos 2 gold has the same difficulty as Nostalrius Begins had.

3. Is it safe to buy gold on Nostalrius?

- The Nostalrius game masters don't like gold sellers and buyers. But, we have developed very strict and secure ways for transfers, so you can freely feel safe with us. We don't break the game, we follow the server rules and we will stay in business as long as the server is up. Our methods for farming and delivery are always a step ahead of everyone, and we always follow our strict & secure delivery process with absolutely no exceptions. We don't give your details to anyone.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

- Have no worries, you are always covered by our refund policy. We do our best to deliver the ordered gold as fast as possible to you. It usually takes a few hours up to a day. If you don't get the gold within a maximum of 24 hours, you can get a complete 100% refund by simply e-mailing us and asking for your money back - we won't ask any questions to you. E-mails can be sent to shop@nostalrius.net. We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders.

Testimonials from Buyers:

New Pricing, Bonus!

Charlie Ryan chaching****@gmail.com (3rd November '15)

Love the new pricing, the bonus too. Will keep coming back to you :))

Thank you again

Patryk Jakub patrick*******@hotmail.com (3rd November '15)

Thank you again so much, and for the reassurance. Was a quick delivery, will use again in future.

I bought gold from you before

Petio XD petar******@hotmail.co.uk (22th October '15)

Thank you sir, I will keep it in mind :) I might buy again in future (I bought gold from you before) Have a nice day. 10/10 fast delivery

Always available

Kevin Lawson kfed****@gmail.com (29th June '15)

I purchased 50g today - this was my first time buying gold on a private server. After looking at another site and another seller I found your website and decided it looked the most professional. I was told before the purchase of what to expect, and within an hour of purchasing I received my gold. Thank you for your service, I will definitely buy again!

Always available

Marcus Jørgensen marc.jor*****@gmail.com (14th June '15)

600g purchased, got a VERY BIG BONUS. Thanks a million!!!

Always available

Sebastian Mari tankerfee***@gmail.com (5th May '15)

Thanks, received the gold again as promised. Nostalrius.net always helps me when im broke ingame.

Fast mount

Doobie Nick dye982***7@hotmail.com (26th April '15)

Got a very nice geared toon with 300 golds and 100% mount on it. Great service will be using you again

Absolutely worth it

Kate Becker k.b****@hotmail.co.uk (19th April '15)

They certainly know what they do. Purchased gold on multiple ocassions from them and will continue to do so - they know what safe delivery actually is.

Powerleveling and lots of gold!

Jack Bonami jackywow****@gmail.com (13th April '15)

No BS at all, seems the only professional gold sellers for the realm. Purchased 1-60 powerleveling and loads of gold from them. VERY SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE! TY <3

Bought 200g!

Christian Johnson kris56****@aol.com (2nd April '15)

Bought 200g and the guys delivered. Great service, will buy again soon. You can put my recommendation on your site

Powerleveled to 40 + Mount

Donna Deliman tbx****ed@gmail.com (30th March '15)

After using their powerleveling service to catch up my friends who were already lvl 40++, bought 100g and now i ride my mount. So Happy. No more slowliness!

Easy Trade

Amir Aberi amabe****@yahoo.de (29th March '15)

Thank you for the easy trade. Will buy from u again

Safety & Security

Rollan Parker rollanros***@aol.com (28th March '15)

I was reluctant to buy because my first account was banned after i purchased gold from the OwnedCore forum. These people do what they say they do, it's been a few days and my account is in good status. A+, legit.

Great Service

Jovan Sorensen j.wow2***@gmail.com (27th March '15)

Thank you so much I'll be recommending you to all of my friends :) Great service

Coming from Feenix

John Hold*** johnho****rd@gmail.com (25th March '15)

I'm coming from the Feenix WoW servers, and i am their most loyal customer! They have provided me with a lot of gold on Warsong, Archangel, Emerald Dream and now Nostalrius. Team #1 - many thanks!

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Email: shop@nostalrius.net Skype: Vision7Gaming (Gold for Feenix, Warmane's Lordaeron & Kronos 2 too!)

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